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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

In 2020 we want to really take our photography business to the next level and work on connecting with all of you. When there's two of us running one business, sometimes it's hard to convey both of our personalities in our posts, so most of our captions tend to be generic if we're being honest.

We are sister-in-laws, Kait and Crystal, who started K&C Photography in 2015. Before we met and became close, we had both been doing photography on our own. I (Kait) bought a Canon Rebel and MacBook Pro straight out of high school in 2009 and began to teach myself the ins and outs of taking photographs. Crystal has always had the artistic eye for photography and focused a lot of her skills on her kids when they were young!

The first wedding that I did on my own was in 2011, and after that I told myself I would NEVER do another wedding ever again. Fast forward to 2019 and weddings are our absolute favorite to photograph. We love getting to know you, how you met, your families, your friends.. We love being behind the scenes of your wedding day and capturing every moment possible.

The first wedding we did together was for a couple we know and see regularly at church, Joey and Angie. Their wedding was at the Gibson Mansion in Missoula in 2015 and we were so proud of their images. We still love looking back at their wedding photos because it marks the beginning of K&C. We have come a long way both in skill, artistic ability, editing, and working together but we are also proud of all of our work and our progress.

Crystal also has experience in wedding coordination and is amazing and planning and keeping things organized which adds a level of comfort to our brides that they may not get from other photographers. We are very laid back, we love spending time with our clients and actually hanging out with you and being a part of your wedding day. But we also keep things on schedule and have a specific way of planning each portion of the day to make sure we get every important picture to the very best of our ability.

Once thing that we've learned is every wedding is different. Our favorite part is observing every interaction, all the different family and friend dynamics, what makes each couple special and unique and the bonds they share with their wedding party and families.

We don't just take pictures. We capture feelings, emotions and special moments on camera so that you can remember them forever and have the ability to relive it anytime you want. Our style and artistic eye is constantly evolving and changing and that's one of our favorite parts of our job. We constantly get to learn, improve and grow.

Kait + Crystal

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