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Wedding Timeline: Is It Important?

This may seem like a really silly question. OF COURSE your wedding timeline is important. But, we are going to be brutally honest with you in this post. Things you absolutely need to know:

1. What time is the ceremony?

2. What time will I start getting ready?

3. What time should the Groom and Groomsmen get ready?

4. When should my photographer arrive based on my wedding package?

5. When and how long will photos take place?

6. When does the food/cake arrive?

7. What time does dinner/reception start?

There may be a few more in there that we can't think of off the top of our heads, but here's the thing; we've photographed over 100 weddings now and NEW FLASH, the extremely detailed timelines never ever get followed. Even worse, when they don't get followed it causes you a lot of stress. The timelines that are written out in 10 minute increments cause you and everybody else around you a lot of stress. For your wedding day, you will need some leeway. You just can't plan or predict everything, we totally wish you could, but you can't.

There are some parts of the timeline that are planned by other people and vendors. For us, we talk with you about your timeline as far the amount of time between you getting ready and the ceremony time. Once we know those two things, we make a plan on what photos need to happen and when. There's also your DJ (If you hired a good one. Ask us for suggestions if you don't know yet). Your DJ will help to gather guests for family portraits, he will help keep things rolling during the reception including dinner, first dances, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting.. Everything like that. You may give him a general outline of which order you'd like those things to happen, but we also communicate with him on a good time to begin some of those events.

Our suggestion: don't put too much pressure on yourself. Plan the things that need planned and the rest, let your mom/mother in law/maid of honor take care of. Relaxing and soaking in every part of your wedding day is YOUR job. Causing extra chaos by trying to stay on top of a strict schedule will only but a damper on your day.

I once worked with a bride who had her entire wedding day planned out in 5 minute increments, and… good for her, she was so organized. However, she was very stressed out and at times we had to cut photos short because we had 3 minutes left until the next event and the walk was going to take at least two minutes to get there. I get it and if you're that way and that's what makes you tic.. Then great! As far as having us as your photographers, though, we may not be the best fit.

This is also something BIG to consider when choosing your photographer. Of course we want you to choose us, but we are a laid back duo. We get everything done in a professional, fun and organized fashion. We have it down to a science. We want to be your friend and not just your photographer. However, we build loose timelines to allow room for error and our TOP priority is reducing your stress. And by keeping a loose timeline, we are able to do that for you.

To conclude this quick blog post, of course your wedding timeline is important. You have to have some type of structure. But structure and strict schedules are very different. Let yourself relax and enjoy. Roll with the punches. If something doesn't go exactly right, it's okay. You've got a loose and adjustable schedule. If you choose us as your photographers, we want you to know that this is US. We can try our best to work a strict schedule but our brand and our personalities are structured and focused on hanging out with you, helping you feel more relaxed, getting to know you and your friends AND taking all of your amazing wedding photos.

So let us help you with your timeline, if we are your photographers we are HAPPY to sit down with you and go over the best possible timeline for your wedding today, including room for error!

-Kait + Crystal

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