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Lifestyle Headshots

Headshots have always been the same. From the chest up, white, black or grey background, fake smile... and if that’s your tase there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Recently a friend of mine, Kelsey, wanted a headshot for her counseling business but then she also wanted some lifestyle shots she could use for her other business which was professional organizing and styling. So we hit the town and just stopped at every interesting building and started shooting!

She had multiple outfits she wanted to include so we found buildings and coffee shops and hotel lobbies to shoot in and it was so fun trying out a new style of photography.

I think the world of headshots is changing and we LOVE it. The lifestyle photography trend is becoming more and more popular and we are so glad because that’s the only true way to show somebody’s personality and who they are. When you see a generic business headshot, it says nothing about the person you are. Just what you look like in a business suit or professional outfit.

Some businesses require that, so we understand. But when you are marketing yourself to the outside world, have some fun and show your true personality in your photos. Find hobbies you love and turn them into a fun and creative headshot or just content in general for your business, especially when you’re heavily involved in Instagram or Facebook for your business.

Kelsey has an Instagram account that shows off her professional styling and organizing but she wanted photos that showed her true personality so her followers could see the side of her that’s more than just an organizer. She’s fun and creative and stylish, obviously 😉 but these photos show who she is which is so important in both business fields she’s in.

If you’re looking for lifestyle headshots, find a photographer you’re comfortable with and be ready to shake it out, dance, laugh, jump around and try new things that bring out your personality in your photos!

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